Blessed Ummi seeks to offer mothers wholesome support in the areas of breastfeeding, pregnancy and birth through workshops, relevant products and services.

It works with birth professionals and merchant partners in helping mothers journey through trying days and celebrate with mothers the joy of parenting.

Blessed Ummi deeply believes in empowering the mother and giving her much needed support, empathy as well as encouragement in the form of information pieces and creating networks of support that a mother dearly needs. This is especially crucial in a time where mothers may no longer have a village near home to support her in the face of a changing world where she and her offsprings have to thrive in.

Fitri Abdolah

Fitri Abdolah has a deep passion for design, be it of collaterals or products. Fitri is passionate about handmade products, her forte ever since the early days when Blessed Ummi was producing beautiful mother-friendly apparels. She continues to put in much thought to design mummy helpers that are of high quality and highly functional for mothers in the community.

She is largely responsible for the operations behind Blessed Ummi and is driven by her passion of helping mothers and babies. Fuelled by a drive to help create a community of empowered mothers, based on her experience of helping to care for her niece and nephews, Fitri cares deeply for the mothers around her and wishes to create a community of care for them.

Nabila Hanim

Nabila is a mother of 3 boys whom she hopes to raise righteous and God-conscious. She is a volunteer with the Breastfeeding Muslim Mothers Support Group and is studying to be a Childbirth Educator at Childbirth International.

Based on her personal experience going through various birth types and breastfeeding her children, Nabila develops Blessed Ummi’s programmes and marketing content. She networks with individuals in the local birth scene, such as breastfeeding volunteers and doulas, to create workshop content and provide for the various needs of a nursing or pregnant mother, together with their spouses and families.

Nabila is passionate about conscious mothering and envisions a community of the future who are merciful towards children and gentle to their mothers. She deeply believes that it takes a village to raise successful and sensitive children.